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Here is a good very nutritional, healthy egg food which is tasty to the birds, and a bit cheaper for your budget.

Purchase an inexpensive chopper from Wal-Mart for around $15. and thaw out a package of frozen broccoli, and boil your eggs in advance.

Hard boil the number of eggs for the quantity of your birds. You can freeze the extra food, so I would make enough to last a while. I boil the whole dozen eggs at a time. I boil them lightly for 1 hour, but my sister says they do not need to be boiled that long.

Purchase an inexpensive chopper from Wal-Mart for about $15.00, or chop your own eggs to a very fine consistency.

thaw out a handful of frozen broccoli or frozen carrots. For a dozen eggs, I use 1/2 bag. Chop these in the same chopper, or grade to a very fine size.

The mixture you have will be way too moist and gluey for the birds. Add bread crumbs or commercial egg food, vitamins, and calcium (especially for females during the breeding season). I use Orlux or Cede egg food because they have a good reputation. Petamine is sometimes locally available. I sprinkle the vitamins s on top and must admit that I don't measure them. I sprinkle a bit heavier than I would salt and pepper. Mix everything together, and add small amounts of big food until the mixture is light and fluffy, rather like cake crumbs or fluffy rice.

I put the food in Yogurt cups, cover them and freeze them and use them as needed. Throughout the year I give all my birds finger cups, treat cops, one a day. My birds eat it right away, and the quantity is small enough that it will never have time to spoil. When I am raising babies, how ever, I use larger sized cups and change them at least three times a day. More often than that is just fine, as canaries like to pick over something fresh and new. I think more often encourages the birds to feed their babies better any food that's left, I'd give to the other birds, but here be careful to use finger cups so the other birds quickly attack their finger cup before it has time to become recent. Food should not sit around more then ½ day, if it has the slightest hint of a spoiled odor, it could make the birds very Il, or even worse. Make sure the food all we smells fresh and tasty..
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