Timbre or Timbre?

Hi Babis:
For most of us in Spain a team of four Timbrados executing a good deal of timbres and rolls is just pure boredom but I wouldn´t say that that kind of birds are not Timbrados, they are, as these other birds (floreados) without timbres are also Timbrados. Why the race is called Timbrado is something well set in the Code :
"This breed is named "Timbrado Español" because of the voice of the canary is "timbrada", brilliant, and metallic. It is an absolute must to clear up the fact that the word "Timbrado" had a double origin: the already seen about the peculiarities of the vocal timbre, and that it was supposed that timbres were not only innate, but the basic song of the race. This later origin was put above the former, even though time has demonstrated that the idea of timbres being innate has not any foundation. As the bird’s song has gone on unfolding, going better and richer, specially by the emission of notes performed in a discontinuous rhythm, each time more and more complex, it has been verified that there are many canaries that do not have "timbres" at all in their melodies, yet do not for that reason, cease to be Spanish Timbrados." (http://www.timbrado.com/code.shtml)
So, as the Code says, there are Timbrados without timbres and, actually, this kind of Timbrados are more and more spread in Spain. On the contrary, the birds which song is based on timbres and rolls are quickly decreasing.
So the bird I sent is a pure bred Timbrado, probably with some wild canary blood, and it´s an outstanding one. Check the Spanish site
http://www.timbrado.com/mp3.shtml you´ll find quite a lot of birds like this one, some of then champions in the most important Spanish competitions





The Floreado Song Historical Glimpse


I would say by far the most succinct and understandable account of the floreado yet. Some accounts are difficult to read, but this one should make the picture so much more understandable.

Snips and Bits

You're right, that classic bird is not bad, actually would be a good classic but he singss a couple faulty notes, an ugly scratched timbre and some "ch" notes. Without these notes the score would be much better (comment by Luis on the classic bird).

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