Luis on Tutoring Young Birds


Well the modern technology allow us the development of new teaching methods and I´m just trying to use some of them. I remember to have done something like this in my first years with a group of friends, nowadays some of them great judges. We used an old tape recorder and the quality was awful but slowly we learned... and still learning, the birds always come with something new.

By the way, Tom brought up yesterday a subject of the greatest importance, the tutoring of the young males. This has been extensively discussed in Spain for decades and we´ve reached some conclussions:
-it´s perfectly possible for all lines of Timbrado a non tutored training method, that´s to say, the isolation of the youngsters as soon as they can eat by themselves from any adult cock (including other species or whatever kind of recording)

-discontinuous and most of intermediate lines have been always selected with this criteria with outstanding results. The genetic selection is easier and the birds surprise us with new compositions

-tutored methods just can be considered when we´ve got first class teachers without any defect in the song (including harsh “r” in timbres and rolls or “ch” sounds). Remember that if we want to drive our line towards discontinuous song long and prevalent timbres or rolls are a defect. If we want to achieve pure discontinuous song any timbre or roll is a defect.

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