Moving On...

it's been a long time since I posted here and I should have been making posts but I've passed up the opportunity. I'm anxious for my birds to begin building nests and they seem to be spending time paying attention to each other, but no nests building yet. I have carefully paired them up and now the work is up to them and the work for me is to be correcting my mistakes and watching how things develop.
In the meantime, I hope to be catching up with my web site and spending time learning song again. I think I should use this time to also be studying the sound files at the web site. I think I could easily decide between classic, intermediate, and discontinuous birds, and I think I could all so decide between a lesser singer and a better singer with pretty good judgment, but I still think I have not really learned the various elements and details of song. I think the problems I'm having is that a timber can be sung with so many subtle differences, and I'm having the same trouble with bell sounds, clucks, and the other elements. I'm thinking that timbrados can change their song with so many variations and subtle differences, that it can become difficult to decide these things. I'm definitely sure that I have trouble between consonants and vowels of the various element. I'm thinking I should learned the sound files again so that so that I can be more ready to judge next year's birds when they begin to sing.
I know that a now the thing I should work on at the site is the treatment of the birds as soon as they fledge up until they are ready for pairing off for the next breeding season. For now we're waiting for them to begin their nest building. I think more light would help them get going, but I can see no reason to rush them other than impatience. So I shall choose to have a bit of patients and go back to the sound files!
All is going well thus far.

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