Yet More Types of Song Canaries

Home Page For more sound files and more information on German Rollers, Belgium Waterslagers, and song canaries generally, please go to the link above. Sebastian has worked out a link to the rest of the song birds. To admit my prejudices, prejudice is a bad word, but taste is not a bad word, I might say that I had a roller. A roller would not do in an average household with noisy children, barking dogs, vacuum cleaners or loud TV or Radio, I would say. Also, the song is way too "cultured" to sound like a bird to me. However, am I saying something bad? I don't think so, unless I use rude words. I can hear that the roller is highly developed and I can fully understand anyone making a lifelong project of them. How about waterslager? Well, I like the waterslager more than the roller. It's notes, if I've read correctly, are much more varied, and to me interesting, but not as highly perfected as a roller. I guess the roller can be judged very, very scientifically, and the waterslager has more room for taste, but I just remember reading that somewhere.

Anyway, there are soundfiles here to help you understand the different breeds. Me, I shall be most happy with the timbrado, and more exclusively, the discontinuous notes of the floreado. If you are still forming your taste, opinions, and prejudices, stick around here! I shall continue my work!

Thanks to Sebastian for his website with it's interesting twists and turns. Sebastian is now breeding Floreados, by the way, or as close as we can get to them in America, if I'm right.
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