More on the American Singer, from Lluis

Ah ha, I knew that I could hear the roller in the American Singer song. It makes me happy whenever I'm right. I love being right. Here is really good reading on canaries from Luis... Roller, and timbrado. I think I should move on and touch upon Waterslagger (spelled?) and Roller. It's cool to know canary song generally. I think maybe even find a bit on the wild canary. Of course, wild canaries of today would not sound exactly the same as they did hundreds of years ago when the Spanish started breeding them.

From Luis:
Hi friends:
Thinking about American Singer song there´s an interesting subject to consider. American Singer is a blend between Border canary and Roller (33% Border, 66% Roller). Border is an ancient English race known since the XVIII Century but probably much older. A very interesting thing about Border song is its closeness to wild canary song, the general tone of his song is higher than Roller or Waterslager and Borders usually develop quite a lot of warbling like notes and what we know in Timbrado as flourishes. Probably this is because is one of the few races without or with very little influence of Saxon ancestors, root of Roller, Waterslager and most of form races. In a certain sense, also because of his voice, Border is very close to certain lines of Spanish Timbrado.
I certainly appreciate this website
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