American Singer Canary Song Info

American Singer Canary Song Info Sebastian Vallelunga [Sebastian.Vallelunga@shcp.edu] sent me an email which very much helped me, and if you go to the link above, you can hear the American Singer for yourself, which would be an excellent idea, should you be deciding which type of singing canary is for you. This is most definitely to be seen as a matter of taste and preference, as discussed earlier. It is not a matter of best and second best. I have all along made my preference clear, and have named both the web site and this blog.

I've been thinking of the comments I made below on the American Singer, to find out that it is not completely correct. There is room at judging contests for the American Singer. Yet, I remember reading the comments I've made, and I can leave them there, Am I right that that is among the struggles with the American Singer? Work with Timbrados is just as incomplete, and probably each individual person with each breed has a slightly different taste. Yet, Dog breeders would never (I hope never) mix breeds as wished to make another breed, although the most famous German Shepherd, and other breeds have begun just that way, and I know that in Germany some crossing with German Sheeping dogs to strengthen a breed which was weakened by too much inbreeding, together with the devastation caused to German dogs from World War II. So, there are truly no absolute laws, balanced with the need for the standard that is being yet in liquid form, but becoming ever more of a "gel". This is as essential to song as it is for any other feature.

All being said (and more) I shall continue to praise the event of the internet and the sound files to use as a magnificent tool for learning and thinking. Please remember that anyone can comment on any post, which should be used to broaden and clarify and become part of good work to have the most beautiful singing bird in the world!

The work goes on! Oh... And if you want to have posting privileges, please ask me, I can invite you to have posting privileges. Don't forget that you can always comment, of course, being friends. There could be no good reason to not be friends, but on the other hand, each of us has a right to have very strong opinions. Right?

I don't know if I clearly said, that the link above has files of the song of the American Singer. Listen to them.

I know there are also sites for the Waterslagger and the Roller. I think I shall put up links to those birds, also... A nice way to get a sense of the total picture, maybe to be compared with going to a Canary Show!
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