Pulse of the Floreado in America

At this moment, as far as I know, there has been a single import in America of about 75 birds. All birds in America are related to this original importation. They came originally from 3 breeders and are considered to be of high quality, as far as I can tell. One breeder out crossed with a certain number of wild birds. I believe effort was made to have these 75 birds as unrelated as possible.

Eventually, I know not when, it will be necessary to import more birds. Sooner rather than later should be just fine, but the process is very difficult and expensive. As there are no specific plans yet, I'm hoping that the USTF http://www.spanishtimbrado.us/ will sponsor the project. If you have any interests in this project, I hope you will acquaint yourself with the USTF and make yourself known to them. As I said, this project will be very expensive, and the more people that can participate, the more the expenses can be spread out. It may be that many birds cost the same amount for the process as few birds, so the more, the better, I believe. This might actually take place in the farther future, not the more immediate, but please, even if your interest is only a thought for now, make yourselves known!

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