Plans for 2007, Beyond

This is a message I wrote which might well be posted here.

I think I just got a whiff of what 2007 could be like. If next year is as successful I should have waaaay too many birds, as I thought I'd have this year. The wait will not be one bit hard on me, as this year is a great excitement, having plenty of birds to learn properly, and I'm sure to be most happy by Nov. already.

Now, next year, 60 or more babies in addition to already having full house? Hmm.. That's sounding like next year will be a problem already with too mny birds. 1

I'm supposing one problem will be selecting the best singers, but I'm not sure, because if I keep these 5 males, I'll maximize my genes. Maybe these 5, plus one or two of my best singers. That would be the most I can imagine.

I'm thinking, beginning right now, anyone locally wanting to breed canaries I can give them, under the condition that I get half the babies. Still giving me way too many birds for my little self to handle. I sure hope I can find some. Another option would be to give anyone birds that's willing to pay the air fare. Then I don't know how I would get babies, though. Maybe I won't need them, but the more babies I can watch each year, the better my odds will be for getting that exceptional bird, which I have a feeling I'll be able to identify, maybe even by myself, but for sure with Luis' blessing and passing grade. (Will you stil have that many patience in future years, Luis? Sebastian? Patricia? These sound files will be the basis for working with my special Tom Kufahl Strain. The best of the best that I raise, I think including some line breeding, but I think I'll just linebreed for 2 generations… that's what my pigeon friend thinks is max.

Then, we are into 2008 and later. By that time we should be importing at least another batch of birds, if we aren't a third world country yet, smile, I sure hope. When the batch gets imported, I think I'll include the best I can, hoping I can afford it.

Doesn't it look like I shall be the happiest person in the world in the forseeable future?

Now, some of the problems, of course guessing, would be to find anybody in Wisconsin who will take free birds under the condition that I get half the babies, and that they don't do any crossing. I won't have to worry if they spoil the song, as I will take only babies from them. I think the general Wisconsing attitude is that birds are a pretty stupid idea. But I think I have some ideas already, so I can already start talking to people to line them up for next fall. I already know of a few possibilities.

Of course there is always the possiblility of selling them for 400$ a piece, Laughing at Barb and the AASTB, but hey, how about 150$ I fear that's even too much. I bet give away again, but requiring the others to pay air fare. For Sure to Patty and Sebastian, free of charge, for putting up with my weird humor!

I think the future looks most exciting for me!

Oh… something not to talk about would be if I ever loose control of my Still's or worse, die, I bet I should have your phone numbers in my will! Let's keep looking for more breeders to spread the good word to!

Oh, Luis, does anyone ever write from the website? Probably not. Sometime, maybe in a year, I'll put my addy on the site. Until then, maybe could you forward any messages to me also? Please? I get occasional mail from my other sites. Believe it or not, almost weekly or more for the goldfinch article. I've never re read it. I have no memory of what I said, but it must have been pretty good!

Oh, a last thing, I made a recording of precious red and the other two birds, I really think they are singing better than they did last spring. I'm really beginning to enjoy even them, when they lay off the trills/timbres.

Good night all, tk


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