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Hi friends:
The best way to suceed in song canaryculture ( and I mean suceeding as breeding good birds to satisfy us) is to work in a team, this is how our best birds are bred in Spain. There are several of these “teams” in Spain, are nor official but groups of friends with similar tastes and compatible blood lines. Serious breeders here don´t sell their worse birds to other breeders, they go to pet shops. If the bird is good enough it´ll be sold (quite cheap, a 88 points male can be around 50$) but if the bird is a great champion (93 or 94 points), brothers, sisters, parents and other relatives will be just distributed (often for free) between the members of the team. In this way we can be sure that the best birds will go to breeders that know how to work with them and, at the same time, when you need to outbreed you know who has birds compatible with your own line. Some of these teams keep amazing pedigrees of their birds, I´! ve seen birds which track could be followed to 1962 and ,lately, also recordings of their song.
I had, Tom, 4 or 5 mails about the web site, very praising all of them. I had one from a Canadian American Singer breeder who was very thankful to the “song course”, she´s starting and it was very helpful for her. But sorry, I didn´t keep those mails if I have a new one I´ll send it to you though I think you should put your mail adress in the web page too.


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