So why are We Working so Hard?

So why are we working so hard? (well, really not all as hard as we should be). Because it's fun! No, that's not thee answer. We're doing it for the birds. Most of all our breeding program, which shouldn't be too much personal whim. The American singer is a flop because everybody is at cross purposes, even with themselves. The floreado has happened because there was a certain amount of agreement from the beginning, hundreds of years ago. It's been proven that the birds can pass on their song, because that's how the floreado came to be. A unified criteria is the best chance we have to pass on our work. If you are "a member of the club" The breed will profit. That is the reason for constant, most careful change, and constant critical observation. It's definitely a tough job, and not as scientific, I believe, as we wish. We can't see the gene arrangement under the microscope and then splice in the best ones. If you want to be convinced that it's working, listen to a superb floreado! So, let's roll up our selves, and if you enjoy it, as I do, that's an extra bonus!
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