An Extremely Essentil, Basic, Important, Essential Post

Sorry, wordy again, but I want to be thorough and not too hard to follow. I hope the reading won't be too hard, because I think it's essential that you read and understand the entire message! Always, always, leave comments if you can help with this post, or If we can help you!!!

The link below is absolutely essential to work with, and for me it's very tricky to work with. The fact that it's in Spanish makes it all the more difficult. I will do all I can to help you work here, although, I'm rather the blind leading the blind. Please, please leave a comment here if you are having trouble. It's going to become very basic and very essential for anyone's learning. Again, please, please leave a comment to get to the sound files that are here, especially.

Let me try to help here. First go to the page, go down 2 - 4 screens, until you see the blue message, Acceso a los archivos de canto It's in blue and underlined, and it's inside a box. It says something to the effect of "access the files of te songs". Don't click it yet. Below that, it says something like, you will have to sign in, and then it gives the sign in user name, and password in red letters. cut and paste concurso2004 and then password 2004. 2004 is to easy to remember to warrant cut and paste. Below that, I think it explains that the page won't always work, and come back at a later time if the page won't open. I don't know why, but that's true. It won't always open. When it does open, the page is different than usual, because it is a ftp page. You don't have to know that, but the page works a tiny tad differently. Please, please, please, do what you have to open that page. It contains the all important competition files of floreado birds. From this page you can also see that the floreado is alive and well in Spain. These are people who sent in sound files to be judged, and we owe them all! These are people working with the bird that I've so much fallen in love with. I hope we can all become co-workers in a way!

Once you open the page, I would tell you to download ALL the songs to your computer except the zip file. If you have a telephone line, I have no idea how long it will take. It's not that bad with broadband. These files will become our work.

To download them, if you don't already know, right click on a file, then choose "save file as" find a place to save it, probably on desk top or My documents, If you are new to the computer, the may be scary, but stay with it, it will come in handy the rest of your life. It's part of computer basics. Remember, always, I will be more than glad to help you get it. Just don't give up until you download all the files. I'm not sure we will use all of them, but why miss a chance to hear these birds!

Once you have all the files some place on your computer, you must stop to have a cup of coffee, wine, or beer. You will have made a grand accomplishment and will be ready for the next step!

I Concurso Curso de canario timbrado 2004
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