Vocabulary Pep Talk.

I think it should be good that I'm a slow learner when It comes to the next matters. It seems to me that at this point there is a huge vocabulary to learn, even regarding the words only, but associating the vocabulary with the correct sounds that the birds can overwhelm me sometimes even if broken down in to small parts. I'm thinking that the best way to learn would be with live birds, and how wonderful it must be for a small child to be learning the words from the birds with the guidance of a father, mother, uncle, teacher. Unfortunately we can't do that, so our only choice is to do this by ourselves, with sound files. I can't say that I know how good I will get at it, but I do know that I enjoy the learning, and that when I don't know, I can just sit back and enjoy the singing for the time being, and then come back to learn. I'm thinking that I'm trying to learn some specific sounds, and then I notice from the competition files that there are more general ways to use descriptions. I'm tying to make arrangements from help always from Spain, and I'm firmly convinced that that is the only way we can learn here. I think that, like reading a great book or great piece of music, there are times of not getting something, but then, another time it might makes sense. Every bit of learning helping us get farther. Perserverance has always helped me, and without it, I know I wouldn't be where I am with either ideas or sounds. So: I'm sure to go too slow or too fast, but hopefully things will average out.

As usual, or as pretty much always, I'm hoping for permission from timbrado.com to proceed.
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