A Superb Advice from Luis

As I try to work out a version of the Timbrado's history, it's very easy for me to get stuck here, there, and everywhere, with some new idea comes from all the many peoples, when I need some time out, I know just where to go to find solace. Solace is in the birds themselves. The many sound files available give me so much sense if clarity and direction. Even there is a problem, as mentioned in aesthetics, Is Callas or Tebaldi the best singer? Is country or Hip hop the best music? Argument doesn't work, we still have all kinds of music and singers. There is no sign that will go away.

The song is all, though, and I guess the only choice is for people who like the same things to hang out with each other. Ultimately that may become the only choice for this blog. There still seems to be the problem of Country Western or Hip Hop enthusiasts to go to the Opera!

The most solid thing I can say for now is that if my birds sound anything like the files I'm hearing, I shall be most happy! I could only want to share that with others. And I don't even have the birds yet! My next post immediately will be a link to more information on this subject.

I hope to soon begin to talk about the aspects of song that I'm learning.
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