Summary and Main Point

My intention is to drop the history and story at least for now, and to begin studying the song. I feel very much like a greenhorn here, but from the very beginning I thought I could never get anywhere near the sound of the files, and that this would be impossible. I still don't have my floreados even! If you read the entire blog or much of it, you will notice that the wait is too much to bear!

I think the most important point of the floreado story as I know it so far is below. Drove's discovery is the source for the floreado that is so much loved by a sizable number of breeders in Spain, and is now reaching America.

"Luis said...
Hi Tom and friends:
Certainly Drove found in the 50s the type of song that he thought lost and forgotten. This was in Asturias (North of Spain) where a very small number of fanciers managed to preserve the essence of the ancient Spanish Song. The master found the disciples, as in the old stories, and they started to rebuild, with Drove�s guidance, probably the most characteristic canary song since truth and Seifert developed modern Roller. And this has not ended yet, probably never will. The way that we select our 'floreados' allows them to develop all their inner capabilities, all their creativity, that seems to be endless. Every year we listen different things and amaze us the way that so little brains and bodies are able to compose and perform such beautiful music. "
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