Sound Files, Compliments of Luis Sanchez

I'm completely sure that the only way to learn song is to hear it. I begain simply by continuing to at first listen to the files now and then, and gradually realizing that there is something completely different. At first, I would say, simply listen. More than once, Many times, at your own pace. It might even be a good idea to listen to these a couple of times before reading the next post.

http://www.cwwcbc.us/tk/ Floreado Type Spanish Timbrado Canary
Hi Thomas,
this is my first year to breed Tim-
brados and I have 3 Babies. I love to get some Songs on CD, I have 1 pair of Rollers, serveral Old Variety Crest Bred and my starters the Parisian Frills. Is it true that the Timbrado adapts other Songs?
Can you teach me more about them?
Hi Gisela, I'm most happy to hear from you, perhapse you might want to learn here with me, as I go trudging around. Although, you may prefer a different song style. At this time I learning very rapidly, because I'm finding Spanish things translated to English that I haven't found previously. Possibly learn with me that the Spanish Timbrado covers a wide range of song, and the story is not ended yet by any means, as it looks to me. I will be interested solely in the discontinuous, Floreado style, and these birds are now first entering the states. I am aware fo planse to import a bunch of these birds to the US, and yo could become part of that. So far, people are mixing the two types, but I'm going to become as much a floreado expert as I can. I would suggest that you listen to the sound files. There are more out there than I posted so far. You might want to hear the files. I hope to see you around, and, remember, if you ever want to start posting, let me know, and I can make you a group memeber. Tom
Oh... bug me about the CD and I can send you one. I might charge 10$, perhaps a fair price? The video is mostly my house, unfortunately. If I go into the bird room, the birds clam up, :( Stick around!
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