Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

Moving on might become harder to do as I exhaust the little I know. At some point I wonder if I might think that this course may become a complete, or at least somewhat complete as a basic course. Truly identifying the many elements and qualities of voice, and variety of flourishes, would require much repetition, so the course would not be finished. Repetition, repetition, repetition would be required more and more as all this music "gels" in one's mind. There is no question but that to become proficient would require some plan to keep reviewing and replaying again and again.

First of all, we need these sound files. I would suggest, by the way, that you download these, and listen to them as if you were listening to birds. Play them all the time, morning, noon, and night, listen to them in reverse order, listen to them in alphabetical order, listen to them in random order, upside down, and inside out. If you don't come to love them, you can quit this blog. These birds aren't for you! If you think they should be like live birds, though, they can't. They are counterfeits. My family would love plastic birds and recordings, no muss no fuss. That just doesn't work. The recordings are counterfeits of the real thing. By the way, if you come to love the recordings, you may find yourself where I was: I have sold all my classic type of timbrados and have I would expect that you will be finding yourself in that position! Just a hint!

Both RealOne and MS MediaPlayer enable you to save a play list, and so does probably any media player. I would suggest that you make a play list, if you already haven't.

Listen to the files! That's your assignment for now.

Now, let me think about being painted in a corner. My next idea is to start some competition files from timbrado.com. I'll give you the pages where the files and the finished contesters are, but they are in Spanish. I'm hoping for permission to put an English version here. These should be invaluable.

Without knowing anything about judging and vocabulary, I will ask you to match the critiques with the sound files as best as you can. That's what I'm trying to do, and I can definitely see that it will help, even though abstract and imprecise. If I can do that, I'm not painted in a corner yet.

Then, I will try to learn, (I just wrote teach, but I do indeed mean learn) various sounds, as Juan Sanchez has tried to teach me. Juan is here, so he may enter the conversation (I hope he does, hint, hint). I will probably just be rewording or, easier yet, just copying his messages, and sharing them here, so the whole country and world can try to learn. If this works, I may not be painted into a corner yet.

Oh, yes I will. We need sound files! I can put as many as my ISP memory allows oup on my website, and then post links to them. Am I painted onto a corner yet? MAYBE not. We shall see. I do hope to put specific vocabulary here, though, such as timbre, continuous, discontinuous, semi continues, etc. And more etc. This is very difficult to learn, I'm finding out. The birds you have been listening to switch from one thing to another very quickly, I'm learning. Tough stuff, but is there any short cut? Well, maybe just skipping that stuff, or skimming it. If you are not planning on breeding, I would suggest that, but....

If you are planning on breeding, you will want to select the best birds you can raise to have the best songs. That means that you must be able to hear which birds best qualify! If you simply breed a floreado with another, you will have babies, but they will slowly degenerate, and they certainly won't improve. I should think that careful attempts to learn the vocabulary would be for those who intend to breed. That will be me :) Don't ask me how fast the young birds will degenerate, I have no idea! I do know that if you try to learn the songs you will also appreciate the birds more, I'm learning that. It's just like taking a music course! (I have a MA in music, AHem). This is very hard, but nobody is going to judge you! You can even fake (another AHem!).

And, of course there will be breeding thoughts. Not basic breeding, as there are any number of resources on the internet for that. I would suggest you join them to learn breeding (there are 3 timbrado lists on Yahoo, I belong to them, you should too, if you will be breeding these lovely birds.

Those are the basic Ideas I have so far for the future. Do you think they will work out??? We shall see!!!! I don't give up easily!!! Good luck to all the world with these birds that are so worth it!!!

Oh, one last word, I should be so happy to get to know evryone who wants to stick around. I hope you will write me or the others here. tkufahl@charter.net. Remember you can always post comments, and if you ask me, you can also post messages, rather like a discussion group, but if you stay here, you will notice that it's not the same. Blogs are the great new invention. The problem I'm having with this one is that the beginning is really at the bottom, and that it's developmental, from the bottom. I have yet to find out how that will work out.
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