I have been interested in birds song. From the very beginning. At the age of about five my father brought a singing Canary for my sister, and from the very beginning I wanted that bird to be mine. I spent five years waiting for it to sing, and every year she laid her eggs and I waited for them to hatch, which of course they never did, and neither did she sing :-) as my sister and the family became bored with her, I took on the responsibilities and the ownership. I would have been in the first or second grade. That's quite young to take on full responsibility. From then on I have always had birds, and I have always been a bird watcher and fairly expert at birds song. I want to skip to the present because I want to pass something on to as many people as possible, especially here in America. I might mention in an attempt to brag, that I was a music major and have a master's degree, but that I took a course in college on bird watching -- it might have been my favorite course -- and I rather mystified my processor because of my ability to recognize birds song. He tested me with a tape recorder and from then on I felt privileged in that class :-)
In writing this blog, I have a single purpose. That is to reveal these exceptional birds -- the Spanish timbrado -- to America. I think America has already been introduced but is far is I can tell is only beginning to take on the work that is required to breed birds anywhere near the standard that the Spanish has been working with since the very beginning. I don't think I will ever consider myself to be at the level that I have learned that the Spanish are, and here, I intend to slowly present my work as I learn, and I should love to help people along the way.
You are always invited to participate and can always leave a comment to anything and you certainly can praise me all you want. If you want to participate more fully, please e-mail me and I can give you full posting privileges. Actually, the ideal would be that this would become a community, but I am already used to my invisible audience.
I should also mention that my next post will introduce you to a Spanish web site which is the source of all my work. Much has been translated to English, but it might also help if you have Microsoft office to translate more pages on your own. I cannot stress enough how much I've oh to this site and some friends that I have made their. I don't think we can get far without the help of the wonderful people on that web site.
I might finish by saying that I have been doing rather serious work this winter, and I intend to continue to work at learning the Spanish timbrado song. Please be most welcome to learn with me and participate as I continue to work, or better yet, please be welcome to work with me!
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