Enter: Hard Work

I think I have a good sense of the history of the timbrado, a history which has several versions, because it's so hard to accurately know what's been done to the birds in the last few centuries. I've given you the version I have because I think it takes into account the gorgeous floreado, and by now you know that's my passion, Although not so much so that I can't enjoy all the other beautiful birds! Don't forget to listen to the song! That's the only thing that makes clear that the story is going very well indeed. The secret is always in the song.

I'm ready to move to probably the toughest part now. Finding words to describe the song is exasperating to me, and learning that the place the number of words which come from Spain makes this a slow and tedious job, but essential, as we need a way to talk about what the birds are doing. If each of us invented our own vocabulary, it wouldn't help, as we wouldn't be understood. To me, the Goldfinch call note is "Georgia" as clear as can be. And the words and sounds must be learned to put us all on the same track. "Georgia" simply won't work, because I would have to learn the vocabulary of others (I have no idea what the accepted word is for the goldfinch call note) but the vocabulary must be agreed on. I hope you will very soon come head on to this, if I start putting up the score sheets from the timbrado.com site. Luis has been helping me identify some of the notes, and there is a breakdown of some of them on timbrado.com, I'll post the page, because that's the direction I intend to go. I bet there will be drop outs, because sometimes I think I would drop out, if I wasn't getting the birds. I'll try to make it easy enough for even myself to learn, because I hope to get Past the beginner--infant stage. If we ever need some time out, we can always just listen to them because they are so beautiful! Then lets get back to work again!

Of course, this blog is just a guide and I should not expect anyone to follow it exactly. Too much work! Ready to begin? Take a deep breath and put on your safety hat!
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