Advanced Information (short read)

Although I definitely do not think that this is easy reading, even if you can't remember detail, I've gotten a much better sense of the care and work that has gone into the timbrado song. This article is from the mid 60s, by Drove Aza Pajaros, and I've read it twice with my trusty (nextup.com) text reader, and intend to read it again, hopefully more than once more. If you have the ambition, it's followed by more, very interesting an important articles, translated into English, just for us! I would say please at least skim. I'm not going to post for several days, as this is more than enough info to digest for a number of days. I intend to spend a lot more time at this site, in English, thanks so much to Sebastian Vallelunga.

Tor the entire article, on Sebastian Vallelunga's site, click here Custom Page
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